Frequently Asked Questions

What is Musical Improv?

Is it really improvised?

Yes, we really make it up on the spot! None of the scenes, songs, or characters have been performed before. These are all one-of-a-kind, one-night only musicals.

How do we make sure it’s random? Every show we ask for a word from the audience (we call it “the get”) — and everything we sing about is inspired from that suggestion.


We do practice! We focus on principles like:

  • Having compelling characters and clear scenes (with emotions, relationships, etc)
  • Brainstorming wide (“a to c”) and then coming in together (“yes, and”)
  • Song structure (verse, chorus, bridge, etc)
  • Narrative structure – like the “Fairy Tale” format (heroes, villains, etc)

Getting Into Musical Improv

How do I get involved?

Here is a pretty common “flow” that people go through:

  1. Attend. Watch an improvised musical (wow!)
  2. Short Workshop Participate in a short post-show hands-on workshop (free, 30-min)
  3. Long Workshop. Attend a longer, more in-depth workshop (free, 2h)
  4. Full Class. Attend an even more in-depth series of classes, with a cohort of people learning alongside you (paid, ~4 weeks in a row). We’re starting to host some in Baltimore. Some folks go to DC or NYC to take fuller classes there.
  5. Join a team & perform. With friends you’ve met through other events, join or start a team!

You don’t have to do this in order! This is just an example.

Do I have to be good at improv?

Nope! You do not have to be good at improv (yet) to start learning musical improv.

Although many people like to take “spoken” improv 101 (with BIG or Highwire) in addition to musical improv – the principles apply to musical improv, too!

Do I have to be good at music?

Nope! You do not have to be good at music (yet) to start learning musical improv.

Many people like to get more comfortable